My Current Vision.


I have been fixing myself and have gone madder. Yet, I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

bnw hold chick

I am BURNING up.

I am SUCKING in fumes.

I am ADDING weight to the equation every minute.

In a world of magic, love, and beauty I find myself imbued with dissolution, filth, and anxiety. Are they the same thing?

“It’s not what you look at, it’s what you see.” -Thoreau

Of course I must agree. Forever will I abide by the truth unfolded years ago on my part.

THE WONDERFULS have undergone too much. I shed tears when I think of it.

a. Kubrick Gate_out

A family living in a park restroom.

Ridiculous media that shall remain important no longer than a grain of sand.

I find that I do LOVE and NEED  the humans around me.

I find that I do SEEK to PURGE their humdrum ways.

Skinned feet, red knees, twisted wrists, naked me, a perfect gal, a discarded wrapper, I picked it up, I’ll never cease, I can’t throw up, another finished work, another reason to NOT die too soon, 71 pages, 118 pages, reread reread reread, learning to learn, my little notes, my large notes, my cronies dear, tired eyes questions fair, I love mangos, fire me?, my risk, glad about it, don’t ever stop, I did not blEw it, life is shit, life is it, life is love, life is nothing, life is everything, life is never-ending, life is IS.

Post Script: Do watch the life of a wonderful young girl in my latest short film, ‘LUCK’  

~ONAIRUS   08:13

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Want to go to Hawaii?

Calling all Parasites,

If you want to go to Hawaii but are on a budget…DONT WORRY! Stay home on your couch and suck sown one of these babies. 


It’s like you are in Hawaii surfing ON an actual wave. Dont believe me, check out the PICTURE for YOURSELF!


Did you know it’s made with natural juices? That MUST mean  it’s okay to drink.


HAWAIIAN PUNCH! Take a step forward in your life and pour this 12oz of Red 40 corn syrup down YOUR snout TODAY!

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Outing in ETHER # 2


I have walked down alleys, I’ve slept on roofs. I can say that I have come across many of life’s wonderful and interesting things.  There is a gazillion more things to see, but while I was OUTING IN ETHER, I think I came across the next WONDER of our world.

It’s name unknown. It’s reasoning unknown. It’s beginnings…unknown. BUT, what is known is that it has extreme passion for squirrels!

Perhaps it’s Prom didn’t go so well…

I kid you NOT when I write, you have never seen something this PARANORMAL in your life.

Also…BEWARE of the “Monster On The Rock.”  I spotted him and went in for the photo not knowing if I’d come out alive.

~ONAIRUS 05:12

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Do NOT bite on metal forks too hard!


About 18 hours ago I did the most retarded thing I have ever done. It hurt. It pissed me off. It shocked me.

Waking up in a rather chipper mood, I climbed down my ladder to my Gym floor. I sat in my black chair – the one with a tennis ball in place of a missing wheel. I thought about getting up…and so I did.

I walked past my beautiful dog friends into the kitchen of the main house. I made my breakfast and decided to sit down on the sofa where I would be quite comfortable.

I sat on the sofa.

“How about I throw on an old cartoon whilst I eat my delicious cereal” I said to my self in a whisper.

I was perfectly perfect. I then decided it was about time to begin consuming my wonderful breakfast. I grabbed my metal fork, scooped up my food, and made way to my mouth.

I was excited like a little boy on Christmas eve. My mouth watered as the food grew near. The fork full of food entered half way into my mouth and my stupid brain sent a signal saying, “BITE NOW!!!!” So I bite down…hard. This was a rather unusually hard bite.

CRACK was the next sound I heard. FUCK was the next thought I had.

Result: $*CK *$#&@  My bottom tooth is a bit loose.

Conclusion: Never chew till the food is in your mouth and the fork is out. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

Research: I found that if tooth is still in place but a little loose, give it some time and it will heal. Consume fluids/soft food for a couple days and be careful.  I may not have to install a gold replacement tooth after all.

~Onairus 05:10

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Outing In Ether: #1 The Enchanted Forest.

Parasites…first off…we have been on somewhat of a hiatus. Season 1 of the Onairus’ Corner was a bloody bash. Thanks to all of you fanatic fans of ours, we will be airing season two in the near future. But there is a lot in the mix (Feature Scripts, education, hustling), so grab some wood there pal.

Second…this is the first of our many to come logged adventures to seek “the truth”.

We went out to seek the truth about an abandoned insane asylum (underneath suicide bride: Picture right) and The Enchanted Forest. Many have said to have heard and seen “strange” things such as walking cranberries and glowing floating Japanese babies through out these places…we couldnt find the asylum, but we done-did-saw The Ghost Of Mickey d’s   a.k.a. McShittles. Look at the picture below and tell me you don’t see it’s filthy humps. LOOK AT IT! 

It was an evening that just kept getting creepier I tells ya. I mean, we even saw a man with a rather large blue tent living underneath suicide bridge. He roamed in a sort of “drunk” manner. Very interesting…we believe he awaits innocent “jumpers” and feeds off their squished bodies for survival.

And that concludes our story.

Sincerely yours,

~ONAIRUS and GOD 12:04 

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Helter Skelter : In chaotic and disorderly haste.


I think it that most are in a chaotic and disorderly haste. Look around .

Everyone has “somewhere to be” and is “in a rush.” Do they really? Are they really? The answer is yes and no.

I see a man, in his tin can car,  get pathetically riled when another man, in his tin can car, makes a decision to slow and pull into a lot. The first pathetic man honks his mouth with anguish because he didnt look ahead and change lanes before having to slow down. He acts as if he were a king and 4 seconds would bring him down to a  prince. The other pathetic man knows nothing about the situation as he is 2 cars ahead of the mouth honking man. He was just reacting to his decision. Why does any of this matter? I doesn’t–that’s the point!

However, any shit you see in society, is a reflection of you in some way. Bad or good. Good is bad and bad is good. There is only now. Me is you. You is me. It takes a long time (if time exists) to embrace the nothingness that is both of us.

Even if you’re in the worst state of mind, you can be thankful you can experience such a feeling. That’s what makes life hard, but interesting. Or you can disregard everything I just mentioned and go die–dying is easy.

~Onairus   03:12

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Onairus (@OnairusCorner) has shared a tweet with you

I think I found my new career. Sometimes what you’re looking for is dancing on the corner of Hollywoodway and Magnolia. — Onairus (@OnairusCorner)

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The heavy wieght of thoughts.

Mis Parasitas…

First off, I know its been a few weeks since I posted a video. I apologize, I know you’re hungry, but I have been juggling giraffes and organizing puzzles these last few weeks. My thoughts have been heavy, so there shall be new videos up soon.

From an attic, to a garage, to a warehouse, and now to Gym. Yes, I live in a gym now and its quite cool. You might say I am the gym master. Master of the gym. Okay I say…if gym be the food of love then gym on. And thats that.

Also, I now ride a 1986 Honda XL600r motorcycle. Its MAD MAX BADASS. This is my ninth bike and its RAD. On the streets I am know as Bio-Hazard (the bike smokes a bit). So, if you see a guy wearing a gas mask on a black on black bike with Goldish Rims, dont be afraid to wave and yell, “Hail Bio-Hazard!”

~Onairus 02:27

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The End Is Near…But I’ll be bathing in the future.

Onairus’ Log: 2:55am

The end is near…

I have packed most of my things, the ‘things’ that matter enough to me to hold onto, but dont really matter at all. I am moving from my lair in a Down Town LA Warehouse. No more Vampire hours, no more delusional phone calls, no more wild sex parties, no more access to a pleasantly lit corridor with a grand piano at the end, and no more kitchen with roof access.

Though i will miss some of these activities, I must move on! There is much for me to see and do before I dissipate into thin air.

THIS YEAR…I shall finish unfinished songs, compositions, films, tricks, adventures, and relationships.

My eyes grow tired. Muscle tone weakening. Only hours left now. I will be king. I will be happy. I will be sad. I will be up and down. I will not belittle. I will appreciate.



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2012 outbreak!


It is my belief that humans delay their anxiety, that comes along with the realizations of death through fairy-tales and mumbo jumbo. Now, I am not typing that the Earth isnt going to be destroyed and the human race will be wiped out, but I am typing that is seems unlikely that on one specific day it will all go down at once. Obviously if we look around us, its already begun! 

HOWEVER, I am curious and worrisome about ONE THING–agitated humans that go BUZZERK when they find December 21st 2012 to be ‘just another day’. What if those people start to dress like Mayan zombies and dance around judging people??? What then!!!???

Well you’re just in LUCK! I have (for a limitted time only) a 2012 survival kit that will save your day. Yes folks it is here to re-leave you from the anguish to come in the near future. Okay heres what you get: A months supply of Micky Dee’s happy meals, some matches, a tennis ball and no racket, a pen with no paper, and a shovel to dig a ditch for your soon to be dead body because ALL HELL IS GOING TO BREAK LOOSE! All this for ONLY $66.60. But wait, it gets better folks, if you act now, we will throw in a zombie detector and suicide pills! So what are you waiting for? ORDER TODAY!! TODAY!!!! ORDER TODAY BECAUSE TOMORROW MAY NEVER COME!

And thats my rant.

~Onairus 02:12

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