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Onairus’ Corner is Coming! Watch our Video below – Parental Discretion Advised! SIKE! WATCH IT ANYWAY 7 YEAR OLDS!

Welcome Parasites.  Are you ready for a life transformation?  Are you ready to become the person you’ve always wanted to be? Are you ready to be successful? Are you ready to make a million dollars? Well if you ARE ready, … Continue reading

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Little Sleep. Little Poem.

Little sleep, I slept for 3 hours A little woozy with these late hours Wish I may wish I might  Perhaps I should sleep more than 3 hour tonight? I work till I bleed I hold my breath Its okay I will … Continue reading

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Welcome parasites…WE WANT YOU

Welcome parasites…I’m your host Onairus. A beautiful atrocity imbued with dreams, day dreams, and opinions. We have a new Inter-Active Multi-Media comedy/drama  skit show coming out on OCTOBER 16th called Oairus’ Corner.  And WE WANT YOU to send us your dreams, day dreams, and opinions to … Continue reading

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