Halloween has been a favorite of mine ever since I was a boy living in an Attic. I spent lots of contemplative nights up in the attic. The haunted Attic that is. You see, the first few years it was all fun and games. “Oh, you live in the attic, thats cool” said the children. We would play video games, wrestle around, and talk about our hatred of the LAUSD school system. Ya know the usual.

In fact, I liked the Attic too until I heard the scuttling, scratching, and the snarling from within the walls.  SCUTTLE! SCRATCH! SNARL! At first I thought it was squirrels , but then i said to myself, ” squirrels don’t say, HELP ME GET OUT OF THESE FUCKING WALLS! 

Lying in my twin bed, I was almost frozen by those retched sounds. I mean what boy wouldn’t be? And the sounds seemed to be getting closer. So I thought, “fight or flight” and I chose flight.

I jumped up out of my bed–BONK! I hit my head on the low ceiling. A bit dizzy, I fell to the ground, but quickly found myself back on my purple converzzzed feet (Converse wearing feet). I grabbed my two favorite stuffed animals as I stumbled past my old goodwill records and past one of my shrines on my wall and straight down the rickety ladder (which untastefully led right down into the bathroom).

Those damn voices kept getting closer. It was like they were following me from the ceiling above as I ran for the front door.

I was almost at the front door when–BAMBLOSTLE!, a long ghostly hand breaks through the ceiling and grabs the left overall strap of my batman overall pajamas.

JUST HELP ME GET DOWN FROM HERE“, the now old sounding voice said to me.

I literally jumped up and out of my batman pajamas. I ran outside half naked and, still holding tight onto my stuffed little friends, headed to the street yelling the yell, AHHH.”

I quickly jumped in my Chevy, turned they key, drove away and never looked back.


About The Corner

Onairus' Corner was an interactive multi-media variety play space and WEB MINI SERIES SKIT SHOW based on Dreams, Daydreams, and Opinions. Through dark humor and dramatic antics, look into Onairus' mind along with his cognitive cronies. Now here lies the remains. The Left over blogs. R.I.P. But NOW you can listen to Tony Suriano on the Unfake It 'till you make it! Podcast iTunes/Stitcher/Spotify
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