LitePanels MicroPro Hybrid Kit and Petrol Cambio Tripod bag REVIEW! Love em!

Hey Parasites!

LitePanels – Effing beautiful!

I’m here to tell you that if you are doing a photo shoot, video shoot, or simply just need a great powerful light when you’re burying something in the woods, YOU NEED to get LITEPANEL’s MicroPro Hybrid Kit. It has a smooth dimmer knob to lower or raise intensity and also can be used as a burst flash. It only weighs 10.56 oz and can mount directly on your camera! With both battery and DC plug in options you are unstoppable! Trust me when I say, you will find the absolute best spot in the deep woods to bury whatever your little heart desires! Anyway, they are truly awesome!

LitePanels has all your lighting needs and they are actually priced well. Be sure to pick up all your lighting equipment at

The Cambio Carrier/Tripod Bag – Effing Sweet!

Now, I use to make fun of those people in high schools, offices, or other public areas when they would drag those luggage bags around. I mean I use to throw rotting bananas at them whilst calling them a threat to humanity. BUT NOW, my perception has changed. Four words–THE CAMBIO TRIPOD BAG. The first time I used this wonderful item, I literally fell in love with it. Seriously we’re getting hitched May 21st 2012. My sister and the Cambio Tripod Bag are already picking out wedding dresses to wear. seriously folks-can I call you folks? This carrier not only holds all your photography/video equipment, it also transforms into a full steady tripod system! Its like effing Optimus Prime (the transformer). Its legs come out and turn around. Its head pops up and extends to a perfect height. And its spine comes out to support whatever camera you put on it. This thing is compact, convenient, and it eliminates the need to carry even more gear bags.

So, if you are in the need of a practical, cool looking gear bag, then YOU MUST get your hands on THE CAMBIO TRIPOD BAG. And dont worry, I won’t be throwing rotting bananas, I’ll only be throwing hand waves when I see you carrying this awesome equipment carrying transformer around town.

Check out there site:

Yours Truly,


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