Happy HALLOWEEN Parasites! Are you in the mood for a scare? Then Watch Onairus’ Corner Episode 3

Parasites and Parasets,

Striaght from our heads IS EPISODE 3!  Enjoy a world of sickos, Sleazeballs, and Killers. Get your scare NOW NOW NOW.

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A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.”

~Friedrich Nietzsche

A casual stroll to Onairus’ Corner shows that life is a malfunctioning mind game.”

~Onairus 10:11

About The Corner

Onairus' Corner was an interactive multi-media variety play space and WEB MINI SERIES SKIT SHOW based on Dreams, Daydreams, and Opinions. Through dark humor and dramatic antics, look into Onairus' mind along with his cognitive cronies. Now here lies the remains. The Left over blogs. R.I.P. But NOW you can listen to Tony Suriano on the Unfake It 'till you make it! Podcast iTunes/Stitcher/Spotify
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