Helter Skelter : In chaotic and disorderly haste.


I think it that most are in a chaotic and disorderly haste. Look around .

Everyone has “somewhere to be” and is “in a rush.” Do they really? Are they really? The answer is yes and no.

I see a man, in his tin can car,  get pathetically riled when another man, in his tin can car, makes a decision to slow and pull into a lot. The first pathetic man honks his mouth with anguish because he didnt look ahead and change lanes before having to slow down. He acts as if he were a king and 4 seconds would bring him down to a  prince. The other pathetic man knows nothing about the situation as he is 2 cars ahead of the mouth honking man. He was just reacting to his decision. Why does any of this matter? I doesn’t–that’s the point!

However, any shit you see in society, is a reflection of you in some way. Bad or good. Good is bad and bad is good. There is only now. Me is you. You is me. It takes a long time (if time exists) to embrace the nothingness that is both of us.

Even if you’re in the worst state of mind, you can be thankful you can experience such a feeling. That’s what makes life hard, but interesting. Or you can disregard everything I just mentioned and go die–dying is easy.

~Onairus   03:12

About The Corner

Onairus' Corner was an interactive multi-media variety play space and WEB MINI SERIES SKIT SHOW based on Dreams, Daydreams, and Opinions. Through dark humor and dramatic antics, look into Onairus' mind along with his cognitive cronies. Now here lies the remains. The Left over blogs. R.I.P. But NOW you can listen to Tony Suriano on the Unfake It 'till you make it! Podcast iTunes/Stitcher/Spotify
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