Do NOT bite on metal forks too hard!


About 18 hours ago I did the most retarded thing I have ever done. It hurt. It pissed me off. It shocked me.

Waking up in a rather chipper mood, I climbed down my ladder to my Gym floor. I sat in my black chair – the one with a tennis ball in place of a missing wheel. I thought about getting up…and so I did.

I walked past my beautiful dog friends into the kitchen of the main house. I made my breakfast and decided to sit down on the sofa where I would be quite comfortable.

I sat on the sofa.

“How about I throw on an old cartoon whilst I eat my delicious cereal” I said to my self in a whisper.

I was perfectly perfect. I then decided it was about time to begin consuming my wonderful breakfast. I grabbed my metal fork, scooped up my food, and made way to my mouth.

I was excited like a little boy on Christmas eve. My mouth watered as the food grew near. The fork full of food entered half way into my mouth and my stupid brain sent a signal saying, “BITE NOW!!!!” So I bite down…hard. This was a rather unusually hard bite.

CRACK was the next sound I heard. FUCK was the next thought I had.

Result: $*CK *$#&@  My bottom tooth is a bit loose.

Conclusion: Never chew till the food is in your mouth and the fork is out. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

Research: I found that if tooth is still in place but a little loose, give it some time and it will heal. Consume fluids/soft food for a couple days and be careful.  I may not have to install a gold replacement tooth after all.

~Onairus 05:10

About The Corner

Onairus' Corner was an interactive multi-media variety play space and WEB MINI SERIES SKIT SHOW based on Dreams, Daydreams, and Opinions. Through dark humor and dramatic antics, look into Onairus' mind along with his cognitive cronies. Now here lies the remains. The Left over blogs. R.I.P. But NOW you can listen to Tony Suriano on the Unfake It 'till you make it! Podcast iTunes/Stitcher/Spotify
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