The heavy wieght of thoughts.

Mis Parasitas…

First off, I know its been a few weeks since I posted a video. I apologize, I know you’re hungry, but I have been juggling giraffes and organizing puzzles these last few weeks. My thoughts have been heavy, so there shall be new videos up soon.

From an attic, to a garage, to a warehouse, and now to Gym. Yes, I live in a gym now and its quite cool. You might say I am the gym master. Master of the gym. Okay I say…if gym be the food of love then gym on. And thats that.

Also, I now ride a 1986 Honda XL600r motorcycle. Its MAD MAX BADASS. This is my ninth bike and its RAD. On the streets I am know as Bio-Hazard (the bike smokes a bit). So, if you see a guy wearing a gas mask on a black on black bike with Goldish Rims, dont be afraid to wave and yell, “Hail Bio-Hazard!”

~Onairus 02:27

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The End Is Near…But I’ll be bathing in the future.

Onairus’ Log: 2:55am

The end is near…

I have packed most of my things, the ‘things’ that matter enough to me to hold onto, but dont really matter at all. I am moving from my lair in a Down Town LA Warehouse. No more Vampire hours, no more delusional phone calls, no more wild sex parties, no more access to a pleasantly lit corridor with a grand piano at the end, and no more kitchen with roof access.

Though i will miss some of these activities, I must move on! There is much for me to see and do before I dissipate into thin air.

THIS YEAR…I shall finish unfinished songs, compositions, films, tricks, adventures, and relationships.

My eyes grow tired. Muscle tone weakening. Only hours left now. I will be king. I will be happy. I will be sad. I will be up and down. I will not belittle. I will appreciate.



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2012 outbreak!


It is my belief that humans delay their anxiety, that comes along with the realizations of death through fairy-tales and mumbo jumbo. Now, I am not typing that the Earth isnt going to be destroyed and the human race will be wiped out, but I am typing that is seems unlikely that on one specific day it will all go down at once. Obviously if we look around us, its already begun! 

HOWEVER, I am curious and worrisome about ONE THING–agitated humans that go BUZZERK when they find December 21st 2012 to be ‘just another day’. What if those people start to dress like Mayan zombies and dance around judging people??? What then!!!???

Well you’re just in LUCK! I have (for a limitted time only) a 2012 survival kit that will save your day. Yes folks it is here to re-leave you from the anguish to come in the near future. Okay heres what you get: A months supply of Micky Dee’s happy meals, some matches, a tennis ball and no racket, a pen with no paper, and a shovel to dig a ditch for your soon to be dead body because ALL HELL IS GOING TO BREAK LOOSE! All this for ONLY $66.60. But wait, it gets better folks, if you act now, we will throw in a zombie detector and suicide pills! So what are you waiting for? ORDER TODAY!! TODAY!!!! ORDER TODAY BECAUSE TOMORROW MAY NEVER COME!

And thats my rant.

~Onairus 02:12

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Have you been aggravated? Have you been tricked? Have you wanted revenge?

Welcome Parasites…I’m your host Onairus. If you have ever been aggravated by a nearby incessant weed wacker, poor pluming, a redundant parent, computor problems, or all of the above, then you’ll enjoy this short film created by THEE Wrong Brothers and brought to you by Onairus’ Corner. Tune into the video above and see into the sad life of Adam, a 23 year old man who’s life has been nothing but miserable for years. He unsuccessfully attempts suicide and passes out. Not sure which, a dream or reality, he comes into contact with a ghostly figure  who explains to Adam, the reason for his life long aggravations. Adam wakes up and seeks revenge. All the scenarios mentioned or seen are based on actual events and are not recommended if you seek a NON-AGGRAVATED life. ~ONAIRUS 1:12

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Have you seen this historical Mentos The Fresh Maker commercial

Welcome Parasites,

I dug up my very first TV commercial from the networks library. I was 15 years of age. Enjoy.

And on a life note:

Today I had a mental shift. I wanted to write the most pulchritudinous song on my guitar, but I was musically paralyzed. I was stunned by the great talent out there and my whole world briefly shut down. This occurs intermittently throughout my life hitherto. After almost smashing my guitar into my computer monitors, I got up, grabbed my coat and went out into the brisk night. I had to focus on something else.

I drove over a down town LA bridge and found myself at a low lit park with skateboard apparatuses I often frequent. I jumped on my skateboard and instantly in the cold night air I felt relief. Gliding across the pavement in my long black coat, I was the only person there. I played and played until I was worn. No one but my brain, skateboard, and I. Temporary bliss.

I can’t fully explain why it makes me feel better, so I wont. But I will say this…find that ‘something‘ in your life that brings forth challenge and the unexplained fun that was so dear to you when you were more of an authentic child. Find this, and you will come across what you were or were not looking for.

~Onairus 1:12

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Dreams…what do they mean?

Here is a great quote from a favorite author of mine. This is what is being read in the video above.

For, after all, you do grow up, you do outgrow your ideals, which turn to dust and ashes, which are shattered into fragments; and if you have no other life, you just have to build one up out of these fragments. And all the time your soul is craving and longing for something else. And in vain does the dreamer rummage about in his old dreams, raking them over as though they were a heap of cinders, looking in these cinders for some spark, however tiny, to fan it into a flame so as to warm his chilled blood by in and revive in it all that he held so dear before, all that touched his heart, that made his blood course through his veins, that drew tears from his eyes, and that so splendidly deceived him! 

Sweet Dreams Parasites…

When it comes to dreams and the thoughts of why we have them, there comes three types of people: The first type, lets call them the Stubborn Scientists, argue that our dreams are mental nonsense without any psychological meaning. (Someone should break their test tubes). Now the second type, lets call them the Flamboyant Freudians, believe we dream for psychological reasons and that we have much to learn from them, and that our dreams should be interpreted as they contain vital information about ourselves and the future. “An uninterpreted dream is like that of an unopened letter.” And the third type of person, lets call them the Balanced Minded, prefer to take the logical road, believing that both sides may be partly right and partly wrong. There are both physiological and phycological elements involved in dreaming.

I believe balance IS everything. Now, some say that all our unacceptable impULSES, thoughts, MEMOries, and PAINFUL emotions that we are conditioned by society to REPRESS!!!!!!!!!!*#$&^@#*%!!!!…………..breath………..calming………..ok Im calm….. … where was I……&*$%*WEH!@!!……..Ah Yes…forever exist in the vast pool of our unconscious mind and slowly or rapidly begin to seep into the dream world as we know it. But on the more scientific side of the spectrum, we have found that we dream while in a periodic biological process know as REM sleep.

RAPID EYE MOVEMENT. Scientists believe a biological necessity occurs during this REM state, but they have yet to discover what that exact necessity is. Although we are still missing some pieces when it comes to dreams, I think it safe to say it is truly a psychophysiological phenomena that will remain intriguing for eternity.

So that brings us to our initial questions, what do our dreams mean…Why are some dreams filled with meaning while others are filled with pointless mumbo-jumbo? The fact is…we will never know for certain…unless god himself…(wink) …tells us…we will never know.

Goodnight, along with interesting dreams.

~Onairus 12:01

References: Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge, Ph. D. 


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Parasites…I went insane. Then my clothing and food started to talk me through it and I’m better now.

Are we still saying Happy New Year? When do you stop saying it? Is there a set number of days that must go by? And then what if you say it after the “no need to say it anymore” period? Will people find it strange? I will test it and log the reactions for the next several months.

Here are a list of things you must know for this new year:

1. The series ‘Breaking Bad’ is amazing and worth your time.

2. Don’t ever start doing Meth.

3. If you have started doing Meth, STOP!

4. If you wake up and your room is a complete disaster,  your desk is a hazard zone, you have canisters  of urine beneath your desk, you realize you have been wearing the same clothes for as long as you remember,  and your body feels 3 times its actual weight, then you are most likely a Meth Head and should read # 3 of this list.

5.  Please, if you can’t shake the habit, join a program.

6. Selling Meth brings in tons of Cheddar.

7. If you watch ‘Breaking Bad’ back to back without the correct amount of space in between each episode, ALL YOU WILL THINK ABOUT IS METH.

8. The number 8 is a lucky number in Chinese Culture.

9. In order for you to stay sane, you must watch our insane videos straight from my malfunctioned brain.

10. This list is all you’ll need for the new year.

~Onairus 1:12

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